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meet FAITH ZANETTI, war correspondent.


book cover: My Favourite Poison

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'The heroine we'd love to be' Mail on Sunday

'Sharp and hilarious' Guardian


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My Favourite Poison, the new Anna Blundy novel featuring Faith Zanetti, is out now in Sphere paperback, and gathering widespread praise:

‘The plot accelerates like a speedboat without a driver, hurtling back and forth between the violent, monied hubbubs of Moscow and Cairo... while Blundy insists she isn’t a political writer, the political flavour of the places she writes about creeps into her work, be it Putin’s Russia or modern Egypt, torn between the rise of Islamic fundamentalism and more modernising tendencies... sharply written, acidically witty and utterly absurd’ London Metro

‘I loved it. Every single one of its 256 pages was, for me, an absolute winner... the detail is just perfect (I want to have a better adjective for you than this, though I cannot. It is exactly that. Perfect)... I can’t recommend this book highly enough. It was a joy from cover to cover for me’

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